Riverside Park Trail System


In 1990, Riverside Park was designed to be a one-of-a-kind waterfront park and recreation facility. Located in the heart of downtown Bonners Ferry along the Kootenai River, the Park was slated to include a 2 mile, connected pedestrian and biking trail system. The looped-trails would not only provide safe walking and biking access to the Park, but also scenic viewing opportunities along the river. However, due to funding constraints, the trail system was never built.  

As a result, 29 years later, Bonners Ferry still does not have a safe, ADA approved, walking and biking route for its residents, families, or visitors. Furthermore, the lack of proper access has resulted in an underutilized Park that is highly susceptible to vandalism, graffiti, and weeds.

Therefore, 9B Trails has identified the Riverside Park Trail System as a crucial amenity due to its close proximity to residential neighborhoods, senior housing, the Hospital, the Visitor’s Center, the Museum, businesses, eateries, and hotels. This project will serve the community by addressing the need to finally provide a safe pedestrian and biking trail system, while at the same time preserving and beautifying the scenic qualities of the area and contributing positively to local tourism and the economy.

Riverside Park along the Kootenai River
Riverside Park along the Kootenai River